An architectural approach defined by context-sensitivity, ambitious creativity, design innovation and attention to detail.

Ashley Halliday Architects is an acclaimed contemporary Architecture and Interior Design practice working across Australia on a variety of unique and exciting projects.

Led by Creative Director Ashley Halliday, the practice is deeply connected with, proud of, and inspired by things uniquely Australian. Ashley is a strong advocate for a holistic approach to design, an approach that goes beyond the obvious design problem, considering a broader spectrum of design considerations alongside commerciality including aesthetics, sustainability, culture and community. Through this approach his practice is exploring architecture’s potency in creating unique cultural landscapes and memory.

Ashley Halliday Architects signature architecture demonstrates context-sensitivity, ambitious creativity, design innovation and attention to detail. Strong emphasis is placed on the discipline of planning and the translation of complex forms and spatial programs into simplified forms. Modernistic design principles and poetics of light, space, form, and movement are underpinned by a creative, practical, and thoughtfully-considered approach to construction detailing. Clients value the practice’s strong track record in designing highly functional and elegant buildings that achieve all aspects of the core brief – cost, time, quality and function – whist delivering something different.

Recent awards include:

Venice Biennale Architettura – Yitpi Yartapuultiku exhibited in the Australian Pavilion – 2023
SA Awards for Planning Excellence, Ministers Award – Yitpi Yartapuultiku – 2022
SA Awards for Planning Excellence, Planning with Country – Yitpi Yartapuultiku – 2022
SA Architecture Medal – Mount Gambier Regional Airport – 2022
Jack McConnell Award for Public Architecture – Mount Gambier Regional Airport – 2022
John S Chappel Award for Residential Architecture – Parkside Residence – 2022
Commercial Architecture Commendation – Southern Crop Breeding Centre – 2019
Residential Architecture Commendation – Douglas Street House – 2019
Public Architecture Commendation – Kangaroo Island Airport – 2019
World Architecture Festival – Finalist, Transport – Kangaroo Island Airport – 2018
Bob Such Award – Best Design for Social Benefit – Kangaroo Island Airport – 2018
Small Regional Airport of the Year – Kangaroo Island Airport – 2018
Form Innovation Award – Dutton Terrace Alterations – 2017
John Schenk Award – Residential Architecture – Dutton Terrace Alterations – 2017
Sustainable Architecture Award – Plant 4, Bowden – 2017
Commercial Architecture – Commendation Plant 4, Bowden – 2017
John S Chappel Award – Residential Architecture – West End Residence – 2016



A small but striking contemporary home set within a heritage feature suburb of Adelaide, Parkside Residence bravely and considerately nurtures and weaves together the unique values of this family’s private life with Parkside’s attractive and evolving community spirit.


Yitpi Yartapuultiku – Soul of Port Adelaide. This project will create an immersive Aboriginal cultural experience, where learning, celebration, landscape and architecture are sensitively curated to create a safe, multi-dimensional indoor- outdoor place that connects Community, Culture, and Country.


The Mount Gambier Regional Air Terminal provides a seamless experience for passengers, a valuable social and commercial interface for the diverse regional community, and authentically champions the Limestone Coast Regions strong brand identity.


The RSPCA Animal Care Campus will create a paradigm shift in the quality of animal care, welfare and education within the South Australian community for all creatures great and small.


The Kangaroo Island Air Terminal is more than a regional air transport hub, it is a unique world-class cultural venue. More than a landmark, image or icon, it is the product and instigator of dialogue – interaction and exchange between people, with the terminal and its breathtaking natural setting


‘A new facility for a plant breeding and crop research organization builds on the agricultural heritage of Roseworthy, South Australia, yet also offers a contemporary vision of rural enterprise. Ashley Halliday Architecture Interiors has reinterpreted the shed as a vessel for advanced technology, science and innovation’ – Professor Julian Worrall, ‘Precisely Calibrated: AGT Southern Crop Breeding Centre’. Architecture AU.


Complementing the Companion Animal Health Centre designed by Ashley Halliday, the EHPC creates a clear, expressive and distinguishable identity for the School of Veterinary Sciences equine program, supporting the equine program’s core objectives and further reinforcing the University of Adelaide’s commitment to establishing a centre of excellence in equine health teaching and research.


Our design vision and ambition is to create an elegant contemporary visitor pavilion that elevates the ‘visitor experience’ at Carrick Hill and that amplifies South Australia’s unique cultural capital, values and social history to the world.


Our vision and ambition for the Millswood Residence was to create an intimate home for a professional couple and their two children, their eclectic art collection, elderly tortoise, rabbit and in the clients own words to create an environment fit for ‘a 1960’s bond villain’.


Our vision and ambition for the West End Residence was to create a dynamic contemporary residence that was bigger on the inside than the outside, that prioritised quality of space over quantity, and that turned the conventional Adelaide notion of ‘bigger is better’ on its head.


‘The Exchange’ is an exciting new development opportunity that places the health and well-being of workers at the core of its design philosophy. Our design vision was to transform 101 Grenfell Street into one of Australia’s healthiest, sustainable and productive inner-city adapted workspace precincts.


Located at the heart of Bowden, our design re-imagines the iconic industrial structure and building envelope into a highly porous, extroverted, adaptable and vibrant community hub.